Don’t misinterpret by reading the title of the article that in this article I will explain about a movie which was released way back in late 1980’s. I know that was a very good film as it was also in my favorite list. I loved the comic character of Logan played by Hollywood star Keanu Reeves and the character of Rufus played by George Carlin. I loved it from the time I watched it for the first time in my younger age. The soundtrack was really awesome and today also I follow it sometimes.

But I am not here to explain these things regarding the fantastic film. I am here to share my experience of the casino named as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. This name was given to it because it is themed on this fantastic old movie. The journey here is also as creepy and hilarious as in the movie.

My first encounter with this was just an accident. One day when I was searching for the deleted scenes of the film. I heard that there are too many scenes which were removed from the original clip. I was searching online for those. While searching, the title of the movie was appeared in the suggestion of the casino games. I clicked on that and it took me to a website named as Roxy Palace.

I was an occasional player so I know a little bit about these. But that was a new kind of play for me. I never played this in my whole life. An enthusiasm was created in me to try it for one time if I got an opportunity. I read all the useful information which was needed while playing. After getting all information I selected the option of free play. I don’t want to take risk losing my pocket money because at that time I cannot afford that loss. They provided me free coins as I was a guest player. The adventure and fun were similar as in the movie.

They also provided an excellent opportunity of winning handy amount in that free play. I continued the play and this time with a premium account. I enjoyed a lot and win some real cash. The payment system was excellent there and I got my money in span of a small seconds. That was awesome and amazing and as adventurous as shown in the film. The rating of this game was also very good so that was worthy of playing it for one time. I assure you that if you play it for one time you will not able to keep yourself away from the glamour of this.