Don’t be scared after looking at the title. In this article I am not talking about the dangerous babes or about the female gangsters. This is not your fault because the name says the same. When anyone will tell you the word Girls with Guns then a thought will come into mind that I am talking about the female gangsters who are holding guns in their hands and you will start imagining the dangerous personality of them. But don’t worry, I am here talking about a casino game. Same thoughts came into my mind at the time I heard this word. But when I explored my whole thoughts were changed.

My girlfriend introduced this to me for the first time. She is a very big fan of online games. She continuously visits multiple sites for playing purposes. And she has accounts on different gambling websites. One day I was with her on a date. We want to enjoy our weekend so we decided to go to a hill station, which is 100 km away from our native city. That was just 2 hours driving distance. We reached there according to our plans and stayed in the hotel. We reached there on Friday evening. But that was our bad luck that the next morning there was a heavy snowfall and everyone was instructed to stay where they are. We were also staying in our hotel room because all roads were blocked with snow and it was not possible to drive the car.

Our weekend was about to destroy because that was not our plan to stay in the hotel room. We were there to enjoy. But that was not in our hands as we cannot deal with our destiny. After having some lunch, she opened her laptop and started playing her favorite game. She was playing Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn on that day. I sit beside her and asked her about the way it is being played. She explained all the rules and regulations to me. And then she started playing and I was watching her. She was making the bet and spinning the reels and was winning. She is an expert in this and so continuously won. I was watching her face and her computer screen. I was not able to understand anything but very much happy by seeing the happiness on her face on that unluckiest day. That was my first encounter with this where I was not a player but feeling happy like a winner.