Don’t be scared after looking at the title. In this article I am not talking about the dangerous babes or about the female gangsters. This is not your fault because the name says the same. When anyone will tell you the word Girls with Guns then a thought will come into mind that I am talking about the female gangsters who are holding guns in their hands and you will start imagining the dangerous personality of them. But don’t worry, I am here talking about a casino game. Same thoughts came into my mind at the time I heard this word. But when I explored my whole thoughts were changed.

My girlfriend introduced this to me for the first time. She is a very big fan of online games. She continuously visits multiple sites for playing purposes. And she has accounts on different gambling websites. One day I was with her on a date. We want to enjoy our weekend so we decided to go to a hill station, which is 100 km away from our native city. That was just 2 hours driving distance. We reached there according to our plans and stayed in the hotel. We reached there on Friday evening. But that was our bad luck that the next morning there was a heavy snowfall and everyone was instructed to stay where they are. We were also staying in our hotel room because all roads were blocked with snow and it was not possible to drive the car.

Our weekend was about to destroy because that was not our plan to stay in the hotel room. We were there to enjoy. But that was not in our hands as we cannot deal with our destiny. After having some lunch, she opened her laptop and started playing her favorite game. She was playing Girls with Guns – Frozen Dawn on that day. I sit beside her and asked her about the way it is being played. She explained all the rules and regulations to me. And then she started playing and I was watching her. She was making the bet and spinning the reels and was winning. She is an expert in this and so continuously won. I was watching her face and her computer screen. I was not able to understand anything but very much happy by seeing the happiness on her face on that unluckiest day. That was my first encounter with this where I was not a player but feeling happy like a winner.

Sailing the 7 Skies Slots

Take a pirate journey with us as we review the slot Sailing the 7 Skies. This slot is new from High 5 Games and features a pirate theme. These pirates pl-undock and loot beautiful floating islands for their booty in an airship instead of the vast oceans.

There are only so many H5G games that have six reels. This slot might appeal if you love WMS Raging Rhino’s stacked wilds, big spin bonuses, and great graphics.

Many online slots feature a pirate theme. The Sailing the 7 Skies slot game is the most appealing. Let’s take a closer look at the Captain’s Airship.

Play High 5 Slots Online or Tablet

High 5 Games has been creating great social casino slots for quite some time. Their slots can be played for real money. Their places are compatible with a wide range of devices. Instant-play gaming can be enjoyed via a computer or mobile device browser.

H5G’s newest release, the Sailing the 7 Skies online slots, offers players more betting options with its unusual six reels & 4 rows. You can play it for genuine money or for free. All the high-paying symbols include pirates, and the background depicts a floating land ready to be explored. Ree.

Play 466 Paylines Starting at 0.01 a Coin

You’re familiar with 6-reel slots online. They can have many pay lines. The Sailing the 7 Skies slot offers a different 4,096 way of winning than WMS Raging Rhino. However, you still have access to 466 win lines during the base game.

The game’s coins start at 0.01 cents each. You can also place a fixed bet on every spin. Payouts will be made when you get at least three of the same symbols. Royal symbols pay between 1-30x and 2-150 coins for the Ace, while the stake for the “5” character is approximately $1-30.

High-paying symbols are the human characters from this pirate tale. We discovered these characters often appeared as we wrote this review of Sailing the 7 Skies slots. The captain gets 4-250 coins, and the ship’s mate 3-200 coins for three to six symbols. The jackpot symbol is the male pirate who pays 5300 coins and the female pirate who pays 4250 coins. For three to six players, she will spend 8-400 coins. Keep an eye out for the seven red icons. It only appears on reel 1. However, it will pay 25-1000 coins if you land three or more of these icons on the screen.

The colorful airship is the wild symbol in Sailing the 7 Skies Slot. It replaces all other characters in the game. It can also be found on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Get Free Spins with Expanding Wilds

In the bonus game, you’ll also see the airship wild. This bonus is for those who like expanding wilds. Free spins will be awarded for three yellow airship symbols on reels 3, 4, and 5. You will win between 2-7 free spins depending on how many game lines you play.

The wild airship will replace all symbols if it appears. It can also spread left from its original point to cover all reels. The base game payouts are the same for the free spins bonus feature.

The free spins bonus was a big hit with our Sailing the 7 Skies review crew. Although seven free spins aren’t enormous, expanding wilds can add value to your payouts. Did you have a great time flying in the air? You can also check out these other High 5 Games slots.

Ahoy, all ye online gaming enthusiasts and virtual sea rovers! Brace yourself for a wild ride upon the whimsical waves of the Sailing the 7 Skies slot game – a treasure map leading to an enchanting universe of gaming excitement!

Enthralling. The thought of embarking on a pirate-themed adventure, navigating the thrills of this six-reel slot, basking in the glory of its unique 4,096 ways to win? More than just numbers, it’s an intricate dance of chance and strategy bolstered by beautifully organized reels, offering an undeniably seamless gaming experience. As you venture forth into this game, be not afeared! Your compass is the exhilarating excitement of 466 win lines during the base game.

Marvel at the game’s stunning inclusivity! A coin denomination starting from as meager as 0.01 cents, Sailing the 7 Skies ensures a thrill-filled journey for both the frugal sailor and the high-rolling pirate king alike. As your wager mounts, feel your pulse race with the promise of rewards from the highest-paying human characters. Each spin is a new adventure, a fresh possibility.

Prepare for the wild storm of the expanding wilds in the bonus game! Picture the wild airship symbol, spreading its wings across the reels, transforming a dim prospect into a sunrise of fortune. Add the sprinkle of the free spins bonus feature offering up to 7 free spins, and the thrill of significant wins, once a distant island, now seems an arm’s length away.

Sailing the 7 Skies is a ticket to an immersive journey with vibrant visuals, innovative gameplay, and the compelling promise of high-stake rewards. It’s not merely a game – a swashbuckling adventure, a rollicking voyage across the ethereal skyline, whether you’re playing for kicks or hard cash.

A word to the wise, High 5 Games isn’t just creating games – they’re forging new universes, new adventures. Their gaming slots are the keys to these hidden worlds. So, cast off your doubts, raise your anchor, and set sail for the unforgettable journey of Sailing the 7 Skies!

Ahoy there, ye avid gamers and virtual buccaneers! Prepare to embark on a fantastical voyage across the Sailing the 7 Skies slot game’s capricious clouds. Picture this: a realm where the lure of adventure beckons, hidden amidst the reels and spins of a game that’s nothing short of a treasure trove of gaming exhilaration!

Imagine, if you will, the thrill of delving into a pirate saga, a game where six reels spin a tale of fortune with a staggering 4,096 ways to triumph. This isn’t mere number-crunching; it’s a ballet of luck and skill, masterfully choreographed across the game’s meticulously crafted reels. As you dive headfirst into this escapade, let fear be a stranger! Your guiding star? The sheer rush of navigating through 466 possible win lines in the base game.

Behold the splendid inclusivity of Sailing the 7 Skies! With coin values starting at a humble 0.01 cents, the game welcomes all – from the economical voyager to the most audacious of pirate lords. Feel the exhilarating surge of adrenaline as your bet climbs, accompanied by the tantalizing prospect of bountiful rewards, courtesy of the game’s highest-paying characters. Every spin is a doorway to new horizons, a chance to unearth new fortunes.

Now, envision the tempestuous excitement of the expanding wilds in the bonus round. The wild airship symbol, like a majestic bird, spans across the reels, turning a moment of uncertainty into a dawn of opulence. The addition of the free spins bonus, offering up to seven extra spins, transforms elusive victories into tangible treasures within arm’s reach.

Sailing the 7 Skies isn’t just a game; it’s an immersive odyssey adorned with vivid imagery, cutting-edge gameplay, and the tantalizing allure of significant stakes. It’s a journey not just through a game but through a realm of swashbuckling sagas and sky-high escapades, whether for simple amusement or the pursuit of fortune.

In crafting Sailing the 7 Skies, High 5 Games hasn’t merely created a game; they’ve sculpted entire new worlds, rich with adventure and mystery. Their slots are portals to these extraordinary realms. So, dismiss your hesitations, hoist your sails, and embark on an unparalleled adventure with Sailing the 7 Skies – your passage to an unforgettable saga in the skies!