In this post I want to share my first experience with the Chocolate Factory slot Machine. Last march I was in Australia for the purpose of searching job there. As, I was a fresh graduate so, that was not so easy to search any job. I reached Sydney to my friend’s house. He was my classmate in college times and also a buddy of mine. So, I reached there as a guest of him. That was my first visit there. So, I asked my friend for some sightseeing of the glorious and magnificent city. We were enjoying a lot on that evening and in that run, we reached the coffee shop for having some refreshment. We were enjoying our meal, and then we hear the murmuring of some dudes who were sitting behind us. They were talking about a game in which one of the guys won a huge amount and he was giving party of that winning. He was explaining the countless things about that particular play. I and my friend were continuously hearing there talks. After some time we left that shop and headed to our home.

In night after dinner we start discussing about the event occurred in the coffee shop. My friend suggested that why we won’t try this for once. We have to do it. I also reacted positively on that and after that he took his laptop and started searching about this. While searching, we reached a website named as Roxy Palace. We were new to this so, for taking some experience of it we started watching a video presented there. After going through the video we started reading the user reviews written by the players who played that previously. After going through all these process, we were too much eager to play it for one time. For playing purpose we needed coins with which we had to make a bet.

When we look at the prices we were stunned because we don’t have enough money in our wallet for that. So, we decided to play for the free account. They were providing free coins for the occasional players and so we were. We made a profile and started enjoying that was a too much excited game. We were playing for the free coins, but making a bet like our real money was on the sake. We enjoyed a lot on that night and make a free download of the mobile application and from that day we were a regular visitor there. Now I have a job, but as I get some free time I started playing wherever I am.