In my last article I told you about my first encounter with a frozen dawn version of the girls with guns. On that day I was just a viewer and my girlfriend was a player. She was winning and I was just watching her winning. On that day she won a lot of money and our weekend was saved from destroying. The weather cleared on Monday and we headed to our house. After reaching, we get busy in our lives. One night I was feeling alone and I don’t have any work to do. So, I was lying on my bed to have some rest. But I was far from sleep. While lying on the bed I recalled that day with my girlfriend. I started recalling her playing the game. So, enthusiasm appeared to me to try it for myself.

I take my cell phone and starting surfing the web regarding this. I reached the website Roxy Palace. This was not that website which was used by my girlfriend as platform while playing. And that was also not that game which was played by my girlfriend. The last words were changed. So, I decided to play this new kind of play. Firstly, I made an account on that so that I can get the free bonus which was provided by every website while registering a new user. And another fact of getting the free bonus is that as a beginner, I didn’t wanted to take the risk of the real money.

I was aware about the playing rules and regulations but I wanted to be double sure on that day. The playing rules were quite similar to that which my girlfriend was playing. I made my first bet from this free bonus and started the online adventure. By winning the bet from the free bonus I couldn’t get the real cash, but it can give me the entire trail, adventure which will provided to me if at the time I will become a premium customer. I continued playing till the late night. After sometime, my free bonus was cleared and I didn’t left with any coins to make a bet. So, I decided to become a premium customer and I paid the price of my debit card. The payment system there was too much secured that I didn’t mind of giving my personal information. I enjoyed on that night and downloaded the mobile phone version of it and now I am the regular visitor there. Sometime I enjoy the thrill by playing on the same table with my girlfriend.