In my last article I told you about my first encounter with a frozen dawn version of the girls with guns. On that day I was just a viewer and my girlfriend was a player. She was winning and I was just watching her winning. On that day she won a lot of money and our weekend was saved from destroying. The weather cleared on Monday and we headed to our house. After reaching, we get busy in our lives. One night I was feeling alone and I don’t have any work to do. So, I was lying on my bed to have some rest. But I was far from sleep. While lying on the bed I recalled that day with my girlfriend. I started recalling her playing the game. So, enthusiasm appeared to me to try it for myself.

I take my cell phone and starting surfing the web regarding this. I reached the website Roxy Palace. This was not that website which was used by my girlfriend as platform while playing. And that was also not that game which was played by my girlfriend. The last words were changed. So, I decided to play this new kind of play. Firstly, I made an account on that so that I can get the free bonus which was provided by every website while registering a new user. And another fact of getting the free bonus is that as a beginner, I didn’t wanted to take the risk of the real money.

I was aware about the playing rules and regulations but I wanted to be double sure on that day. The playing rules were quite similar to that which my girlfriend was playing. I made my first bet from this free bonus and started the online adventure. By winning the bet from the free bonus I couldn’t get the real cash, but it can give me the entire trail, adventure which will provided to me if at the time I will become a premium customer. I continued playing till the late night. After sometime, my free bonus was cleared and I didn’t left with any coins to make a bet. So, I decided to become a premium customer and I paid the price of my debit card. The payment system there was too much secured that I didn’t mind of giving my personal information. I enjoyed on that night and downloaded the mobile phone version of it and now I am the regular visitor there. Sometime I enjoy the thrill by playing on the same table with my girlfriend.

Glamorous Times Slot Machine

Gamomat, formerly Bally Wulff, has released another video slot. With the Glamorous Times video slot, the German flair for technology and engineering has made its way to the e-gaming world. Most people enjoy the life of partying. The Glamorous Time online slot developers confirm that you can continue to enjoy this experience. You’ll be so happy wishing the party would last until dawn. Glamorous Times stands out from other online slots with the same look and feel.

Are you an expert gamer? You may discover yourself glued to your computer and tablet. This online casino slot has one of the newest online gaming features. This is a beautiful manner to make some quick, safe money.

The Life Of The Party

The free slot game Glamorous Time combines vintage and modern themes. This retro-themed slot is easy to use and reliable. Gamomat is known for creating attractive spaces that give every gambler the best possible experience. The paytable occupies nearly half of the screen on your Android or iPhone. It also has reels that are stacked with a variety of symbols. The symbols are sorted from the most valuable to the lowest value symbol. The wild and scatter icons are at the top of the list. On its paytable, the casino slot offers seven free games. We’ll examine this feature in greater detail in the next section.

Vegas on Your Screen

This is one of many things. What about the background of the slot? Bally Wulff ensures that each of its slot machines has a theme and a variety of colors. Glamorous Times has a purple backdrop with captivating images that run from top to bottom. The picture that appears to be the city of Vegas is used to highlight the slot’s theme. It is a perfect mix of what many consider the town of crazy adventures and fun.

The online slot allows gamblers to select their bet cut at the bottom of the screen. A maximum balance is correctly displayed. You can see the specific betting amounts. The automatic control feature is available to meet the needs of every gamer. The auto-play button will be perfect for you if you are a partaker who enjoys exploring other game features while betting. You click it, relax, enjoy some snacks and coffee, and then wait to receive your rewards while you take advantage of the many gaming features. The slot will also show you the number of reels and pay lines to help you understand your betting range.

Behind the Counter Drinks

As mentioned previously, the online slot has a fully-stacked and different pay table that offers numerous ways to cash out. The game logo represents the top wild symbol. It acts as a wild symbol, just like the traditional ones. Slot players can earn 2 to 5 free spins. With a minimum of 0.30, you can make three coins quickly. Once they appear five times, you will get 30 coins. The scatter character in this game is the Gramophone. Nine of these symbols will trigger seven free games along the pay lines. During free spins, players cannot play an additional game. The free spin slot begins with a single drawing of a bonus symbol. The bonus symbols are lady, man, and perfume. During this phase, the bonus symbols appear in super blocks.

The clock, J, Q, A, and K, are also symbols that can be used to win. These all come with enticing cash-out bonuses. The A, K perfume appears 3 to 5 times on the reels. It has a minimum cash price of 25 coins, and if you bet 5,500 coins. The maximum wager is 150.00.

What Other Cities Are There Than Las Vegas?

Glamorous Time is an online casino game you can enjoy on your Android or iPhone. This online slot has 30 pay lines, a 96% RTP and varying volatility levels. It is essential to play other online slots that are similar but more captivating to avoid boredom.

As the Party Comes to a Close

The Glamorous City slot machine gives you a feel of the casinos in major cities like Las Vegas, especially at night. Enjoy the long list of millionaires and even billionaires. As a loyal player, you will have the perfect and safe chance to enjoy a good payday.